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East Hartford, CT FiberCity® Project Gets the Green Light

SiFi Networks is mobilizing its teams to commence deployment of the East Hartford FiberCity® project. “The network will be a tremendous asset for our community,

Decatur IL Takes First Steps to Becoming a FiberCity®

Decatur has become the latest city to give SiFi Networks permission to its right of ways, to construct its FiberCity® network. SiFi Networks will privately

How Internet Service Providers Benefit From a Shared Fiber Network Infrastructure

“Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism, it’s exploitation.” These were words spoken by President Joe Biden in July 2021, minutes before he signed an executive order to promote

Double Vision – Farmington Hills and Farmington to Become FiberCities®

The Michigan cities of Farmington Hills & Farmington have both signed up to become a SiFi Networks’ FiberCity®. SiFi Networks is already constructing networks in

Farmington FiberCity

Construction Commences in Placentia, CA

The start of July has been momentous for the City of Placentia as SiFi Networks’ construction team arrived to commence construction of Placentia FiberCity®. SiFi

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